As Christians, even youth, we are called to be examples of what Jesus has done. we recognize that if we want to see the world around us changed, it begins with our own hearts and minds being revived to know and love God as he ought to be known and loved. it is out of this fully-surrendered heart that we see God change the lives of those around us. WE'RE PRAYING THAT GOD WILL REVIVE THE HEARTS OF OUR STUDENTS SO THEY CAN SHARE JESUS WITH THE PEOPLE THEY RUB SHOULDERS WITH EVERY DAY.


Sunday School for Middle School Students (Grades 6–8) will meet in Room 106 from 11:00 AM–12:10 PM during the school year. Since we are meeting in a classroom located in the secure Children’s Area, your student will need to check–in at the Kids Kiosk before going back to Room 106. For families who are attending the Elevate service, please allow your student to finish the service with you, and then join us at 11:20 AM. We will not start the lesson until that time so they will not be missing out if they finish the worship service. The primary goal on Sundays is for our students to participate in corporate worship so please don’t cut your worship time short to join us. We’re looking forward to seeing you then and growing in the knowledge and love of Jesus!


Join us Wednesdays, 6:30–8:00PM (during the school year), for our student Small Groups (6–12 Grade). You'll be welcomed at the door by one of our youth staff who will get you checked in. You'll start in the Youth Room and experience live student-led worship music and games. Then we break up into Small Groups where you'll hang out with other students and dig deeper into the Bible text of the day.


FALL FIRE! RETREAT, High School (9–12 Grade)

October 19–21, Camp Lebanon. Build it. Light it. Feel it. Feed it. Fall FIRE! is a Senior High youth group retreat designed to build teamwork and equip students for an amazing school year! We will have dynamic teaching in chapels and break-out sessions, as well as exciting activities such as the RAGING FIRE group challenges, the MIGHTY MIGHTY SCOOP NOODLE CHALLENGE, and Laser Tag! Not only will we have the funnest fun here at camp, but we will also leave ready to take on what this next year has in store for us! Cost $119. There is a $20 discount if you sign up before 9/30. Bring money for two meals on the road. Sign up here!


In order to provide a fun and safe environment for our youth, we require that all volunteers complete an application and background check. If you are interested, talk with Pastor Nate.

Thank you for your desire to invest in our youth!



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