Founded in 1956, revive Church exists to honor God by
maKing Christ-like disciples who are passionately SEEKING God,
LOVING one another, SHARING Christ, and SERVING others.

We are an Evangelical Free Church located in one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the Midwest. We are one church with three different expressions of worship that represent our church and our community. We seek to present the message of the Bible in a clear and practical way. We hope you'll feel at home with us.

We believe God has called Revive Church to help finish the Great Commission as described in Matthew 28:18-20 by winning people to Jesus Christ and training them to become mature disciples. This calling, along with our history and heritage, brings clarity to ministry in which we meet the cultural diversity needs of our surrounding communities. The focus and musical styles of our worship services target different cultural groups. (Read more about our worship service styles.)

With a wide mix of cultural, educational and socio-economical variances within the church, a key to assimilating these diverse groups is to hire and utilize key staff that represent each distinct culture. Those staff would be responsible for developing pathways that lead to intentional discipleship within each cultural group. As God provides the resources, we will launch more culturally specific ministries to broaden our outreach and disciple making.